What is the difference between the Type 5 and 6?
The Type 5 includes a 96" S&S natural finish engine and a 6-speed Primo Rivera transmission or 5-speed Harley transmission, and single chrome exhaust. The Type 6 includes a 93" S&S Shovelhead style engine and a Baker 6-speed transmission with kick and electric start, dual chrome exhaust, upgraded brass pegs, and an upgraded handmade leather solo seat. Additional engine choices are available for both the Type 5 and 6.

MSRP for 2014 Model
How much is a Type 5?
$27,800 base price.

How much is a Type 6?
$33,900 base price.

How much is a Type 9?
$34,500 base price.

Custom Parts
Zero Engineering's store in the US primarily sells production motorcycles. We do not rebuild engines, modify frames, or fabricate custom parts on site. We do handle mild customization such as painting frames, design and painting of tanks and fenders, and bolt on hardware (bars, grips, seats, tires, etc).

Can I change the engine?
Yes. We carry many S&S engines including Evos, Shovelheads, Panheads, and Knuckleheads.

Can I change the seat?
With our Type 6 your choice of black, tan, and dark brown is included. With a Type 5 our basic black seat is included. Our black, tan, and dark brown seats are available as an aditional option.

How much for custom paint?
Paint for the tank and fender are included in the cost of our new motorcycles. Simple designs such as a shell, swish, or stripe are included as well. If you're after something complicated we work with award winning painters to get you what you're after.

Can you make a bike like ______?
It depends on the complexity of the build. Send us a photo and we'll take a look.

Can you make me an Iron Man bike?
We will soon have a limited edition of the Iron Man bike for sale.

I want a 3' long suicide shift, a drum brake, and four headlights. Can you do that?
Zero is know for low, clean, vintage bikes. We're also know for our exceptional build quality. If your vision of a motorcycle falls within this realm we are happy to work with you.

Payment - Domestic and International
Payment for motorcycles must be done through Bank Wire Transfer. We must have a 50% deposit before working on your motorcycle.

Shipping - Domestic and International
USPS: Priority mail does not include any form of insurance. Express mail includes tracking and $100 insurance. We do not offer any additional insurance above this.

UPS: Groud shipments include $100 shipping insurance. 2nd Day shipments include $100 shipping insurance.

Loss and Damage premiums will be investigated per carrier policy. Zero Engineering does not gaurantee free reshipment or refund. Shipping claims are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Domestic shipping on complete bikes typically handled through Allied. They are extremely reliable, call before delivery, and have delivered all of our motorcycles promptly and without damage. Internation shipping quotes can take several days to aquire and are subject to change daily. Call 702.798.9504 or email sales@zero-eng.com for a quote.

Small online orders go out Thursdays and Fridays. We are not responsible for returned packages due to incomplete addresses or incorrect names. Re-Shipping or restocking fees may apply.

How much does it cost to ship domestically?
It depends on your location. Between $500-$800 typically.

How much does it cost to ship internationally?
It depends on your location. Between $1500-$2500 typically.

Can I take a test ride?
Yes, so long as you have a valid US license and schedule an appointment date & time through our local dealer,  A-Team Motorcycles of Las Vegas. Please contact them directly:
A-Team Motorcycles Las Vegas
4020 Boulder Highway Las Vegas NV 89121
Phone: 702.440.6377 Fax: 702.457.3378

Can I get a catalog?
We currently only have our bike catalog (Type 5 and Type 6) and our parts are only available to view online and within our store.


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